The Ultimate Liberator!

For the seekers of knowledge
Can there be a knowledge?
better than
The Knowledge of The Divine, Shri Rama!

The one who liberated
Even the blades of grasses
And all the swarms of ants

Leaving none behind
That ever existed
In the Good City of Ayodhya

And placed them in
An exotic heaven
Created exclusively for them
By the Great Grandshire Brahma!


Ramayanam is Agriculture
Bhagavatham is Harvest

The twin-syllable, Rama
When a devotee exalts!
The Birth-Death cycle
It permanently halts

Goodness and Wealth
It everyday brings
Sin and poverty
It cleanses and shrinks


Goodness Honesty Sweetness Simplicity
Gentleness Strength Humility Bravery
Valour Talent Prowess Success
Memory Trustworthiness Heroism Genuinity
Such adorable qualities and so much more
By chanting Rama's name you will score!


My Lord's Story: Goodness Incarnate

Ramayanam in English poetry.

The Supreme Lord of the Universe was once born on this earth as a Human Being, faced challenges and had His share of pain and pleasure going through both good and bad times like any of us. Like any of us He too, took His turn in laughter and cry.

This humility of The Lord, that makes Him come down to earth and share with us our difficulties to show us a way to handle them is what I admire in Him. This quality of Him, makes me surrender to Him unconditionally and makes me want to sing His Glory on and on and on.

My Lord's Story is an out pour of my devotion that seeps out in gratitude for the pains He took to be a lighthouse for us, to cross the ocean of Samsara.

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Thursday, September 30, 2021

Ilayaraja Ramayanam


I want to make a feature film.

Title : Ilayaraja Ramayanam

Genre : Full length musical

About the Film:

Ilayaraja Ramayanam would be a 150 minute feature film in which Ramayanam would be retold through full and full songs.

I am planning to make the film in two languages. English and Tamil.


I am told only the musical part would cost 1crore INR.

For the visuals I am planning to make the film with paintings.

We need 5400 paintings.

For that the cost would be 5400 000 INR, at the rate of 1000 INR per painting.

Then there is post production work and publicity. Put together all would sum upto 5 crore INR, I guess.

I am waiting to get a producer who would be interested to invest in such a project.

If you know of anyone, Please let me know.

Status :

I have talked to Isaignani Ilayaraja's manager. The manager informed me that Isaignani Ilayaraja is interested in the project. Isaignani Ilayaraja has felt that it would be nice if this movie would be done in English. That was my plan, right from the beginning.

So now, all I need is a producer who be interested in such a project. I am pretty sure Lord Rama has already planned things for me. I am just waiting for the drama to unfold and start the project.

Sunday, June 20, 2021

Goodness Incarnate

 Dear Readers of smilemakerkrishna blog,

I am happy to inform you that my Ramayanam in English poetry, has been published as a book by notionpress publications. 'Goodness Incarnate' is the title of the book and the picture you see is the front cover of the book.

I started writing my Ramayanam for readers of this blog, in 2009 December.

I completed the book in May, 2020.

In between there was a break of eight years.

After I finished writing the 41st chapter, in August 2012, I lost the capacity to write Ramayanam further. I started to worship Lord Rama with more vigor than ever. I started a new blog only to worship the Holy Feet of Lord Rama.

I chanted 'Shri Ramapirane ungal paatham potrugiren' for more than one lakh times. During that time, I had a lot of spiritual experiences, and I attained 'Bramma Gnanam'. I wrote numbers of fabulous poems in Tamil, expressing my wisdom about God.

Those poems are available in my Tamil blog.

In April, 2020, I resumed writing my Ramayanam and completed it in, May 2020.

On the 4th of June,2021, my Ramayanam was published.

One day, during the eight year long dormant period of wiritng my Ramayanam, I had a dream. In that dream the following is what I saw.

'Lord Garuda, the vehicle of Maha Vishnu comes to my room and takes away my Ramayanam to Vaikuntham. He reads my Ramayanam and comes to my room to give it back to me. Before returning it to me, he writes something at the end of the book. I curiously turn the pages to see what he had written. In the last page were the following words in golden fonts.

"All those who read this Ramayanam, shall be liberated and attain Moksha"

You can read my Ramayanam for free in this blog.

You can purchase a copy of the book, Goodness Incarnate, at the below link.

*Shri Ramapirane ungal paatham potrugiren- means, Lord Rama I praise your Feet.
*Bramma Gnanam means the supreme knowledge of the most supreme form of GOD.

Monday, May 18, 2020

Coronation of Lord Rama

To meet Bharatha, Lord Rama was eager
He acted like the time left was meager
He wanted hastily meet, Bharatha his bro
As almost all of the fourteen years did go

Vibhishan said that Rama can meet Bharatha soon
If they traveled on the Pushpaka Vimana, a boon
Vibhishana and Sugriva wanted to see the coronation of Ram
The monkeys promised not to be naughty but be calm

So all of them got on to the Pushpaka plane
And the plane started to travel, the northward lane
When the plane reached Kishkindha, Sita had a request
That wives of Sugriva must take part in the coronation at her behest

The plane landed in Kishkindha and took along Sugriva's wives
Sugriva's wives were beyond a measure happy, like they got many lives
On the way back they visited all of the ashrams they stayed
Lord Rama and Sita happily accepted, the respects they paid

The pushpak landed on Nadhigramam at last
The Happiness of Bharatha on seeing Rama was vast
Bharatha hugged Rama with flowing tears
This is for what Bharatha longed, all these years

Ram, Lakshman, Bharatha and Shatrughnan hugged each other
Rama went and fell at the feet of Kausalya, His mother
Mother Kausalya hugged Sita, happy beyond a limit
Kaikeyi too hugged Sita, but now she was timid

Bharatha asked Rama, that Rama must be coronated King
For the sake of Bharatha, Lord Rama accepted to be king
Lord Rama sat on the throne
Sorrowful days by gone

Lord Rama, with a golden crown, Vashishta did crown
Including Kaikeyi, there was none who did frown
Waters from the seas, were brought there
Lord Rama was drenched with the water

Thus the golden rule of Lord Rama did start
On the daily lives of people, Happiness was a part
There were none who lied or cheated
The crime rate at zero, was unbeated

Children never died
Widows never cried
Everybody did their best
And they took enough rest

Diseases took leave while Rama ruled
It rained regularly and the earth was cooled
Lord Rama ruled long for eleven thousand years
In His golden rule, there was no room for tears

Rama was not just a king, but also a leader
For the thoughts of people, he gave enough fodder
Lord Rama was loving, thoughtful and just
People followed Rama, knowing he was the best

Jai Shri Ram Jai Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Ram Jai Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Ram Jai Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Ram Jai Jai Shri Ram

The Reunion

Lord Rama wanted Hanuman to meet Sita, then
And inform her that Lanka was no more Ravana's den
Hanuman went into Lanka and met with Mother
Informed her, about Ravan, she needn't anymore bother

"Mother, the battle is over and Rama has won
Vibhishana is king and Ravana is done
Lord Rama wants to meet you soon
In His heart, you are the moon"

Mother Sita was happy and wanted to meet Ram
Said that wish to Hanuman and she remained calm
Vibhishan arranged a palanquin for Mother Sita to go
The King of Lanka was no more Mother Sita's foe

But before that Hanuman had a request
He wanted to beat the rakshashis at Sita's behest
"Mother, the female guards of Ravana have tortured you
I like to beat them up for torturing you"

"Hanuman those ladies did not torture me on their own
Ravana who was behind that is now begone
These ladies, by torturing me, just did their job
For doing their duty, they must not sob

I forgive them whole heartedly though they did not ask
I request you not to beat them, please quit that task"
Mother Sita then got on to the palanquin and to Rama she went
On questioning her for all the trouble, Lord Rama was bent

"You accused my brother of coveting you
A brother like my brother, in this world, are very few
Had you not sent Lakshman away from the Ashram that day
Ravan could not have abducted you, and gone his way

I renounce you as my wife
You are no more part of my life
You have stayed in another man's house
You can no longer be my spouse"

Mother Sita was devastated hearing Rama speak
But she knew her actions on her part were weak
"For talking wrong of Lakshman, I'm very sorry
I realise in my actions, I must have been wary

But nothing has gone wrong, for me being your wife
To earn that position, I will take up endless strife
Kindly ask Lakshman to set up a pyre
To prove to you my loyalty, I will enter fire"

Lakshman set up a pyre at Lord Rama's behest
Though setting up the pyre, He did detest
Mother Sita on the pyre, she did sit
On the wooden pyre, fire they lit

The fire burned bright
Mother Sita showed no fright
Mother Sita sat chanting Rama's name
Her five senses, were in her control, tame

The god of Fire, Agni came there then
Along with him, came numerous Deva Men
Brahma Shiva and Indra also came there
For the welfare of Sita, they did care

Agni told Shri Rama that Sita was pure
And then he insisted, that Rama's doubts must cure
After Agni spoke, Lord Brahma did speak
To Rama with a tone quite humble and meek

"Oh Lord! Shri Rama! You are the lord of the world
Only as per your will, the earth around the sun does whirl
You create maintain and destroy, all the things that exist
All the three worlds, in you, you do with your will, subsist"

Lord Rama was surprised on Brahma addressing him so
More about Himself, the truth, Lord Rama wanted to know
"As far as I know, I am King Dasaratha's son
For Brahma to address me so, what merit have I done?"

"Lord! Shri Rama! You are the supreme being
You are Vishnu The Great, trust me, what I am saying
For the benefit of the world, you were born as a man
What you are capable of, only you can

For the sun that burns bright, you are the source
For the earth to spin, you give it the force
All the worlds from you were expelled once
For the world's welfare, you are one of Dasaratha's sons

We Devas requested you, that Ravana must be killed
And therefore to be born as a Human, you yourself willed"
Saying so the fire God, handed over Sita to Rama
Requesting Rama to give a happy ending to the drama

Lord Rama and Mother Sita hugged each other
They knew beyond doubts, they loved each other
Thus Mother Sita was united with Ram
Jai Shri Ram! Jai Jai Shri Ram!!

Indra asked Lord Rama if he wanted any boon
Lord Rama asked the dead monkeys, must come to life soon
Indra was startled but anyway he smiled
Indra brought the dead monkeys, back to their wild

King Dasaratha also came and blessed Shri Ram
Now Lord Shiva started to speak, who was till now calm
"Rama go back to Ayodhya and start your rule
Your real identity you'll remember, cool"

Thus Shri Rama, by the devas was guided
Lord Shiva's instruction, Lord Rama abided
Thus the Godly men took leave of Ram
Jai Shri Ram! Jai Jai Shri Ram!!

Vibhishana's Coronation

At Ravana's death, Vibhishana inconsolably cried
To protect Ravana, he had sincerely tried
Ravana not listening to him was not his fault
Yet Vibhishana in his heart felt immense guilt

On the other hand, Ravana's actions, he did hate
Between love and righteousness, Vibhishana was torn by fate
"Lord! Shri Rama! I bow to thee
Please do guide me, how to be

When I think of Kumbhakarna's death
Love for Ravana, comes to a dearth
If only Ravana had listened to me
Alive and well, Indrajeeth would be

I want Ravana to suffer in hell
Am I right? Please do tell
On the other hand, for Ravana I'm sad
After all, he's my brother, though he was bad

Please do guide me, Oh Rama
How do I act, in this drama"
Lord Rama understood Vibhishana's grief
Lord Rama, the right way, he explained in brief

"As much as possible, we should keep doing good
For good Karma to grow in us, good acts are food
For Ravana's mistake he has paid the price
For dead souls sake we must act very nice

Offering water and sesame seeds, we must help the dead
From hunger and thirst, dead people's suffering is unsaid
All enmity and judgements, a person's death does end
For helping the departed souls, our actions we must bend"

Saying so, Vibhishana from his confusion, Rama did guide
To offer Sesame seeds and water, Vibhishan did decide
To Ravana, Vibhishan offered water and sesame seeds
Forgiving from his heart, Ravana's wicked deeds

After that Vibhishan was coronated King
Vibhishan's praise, the Lankites did sing
Thus Vibhishan was guided and made king by Ram
Jai Shri Ram Jai Jai Shri Ram!!

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Ravana's Death

Ravana came to the field on his chariot
Rama came to the field without a chariot
The devas wanted the fight between them to be equal
Indra sent his chariot for Rama, as a sequel

Ravana had none, but himself now
To kill Rama, he did vow
Rama on the other hand had all his friends
Rama's enthuse was on the upward trends

Ravana was covered with ignorance, anger and sorrow
He could not think clearly while he shot his arrow
Lord Rama easily took on Ravan, with all His might
Lord Rama decided that this must be the final fight

Lord Rama knew that Ravana must be relieved of sorrow
And so with grace and peace, Lord Rama shot his arrow
Ravana was fighting a psychological fight within
Rama was, positive, confident and peaceful from within

Ravana's mind kept coming with regret every moment
His mind kept replaying things, from the first event
Ravana's mind was heavy, fighting great turmoil
Rama's mind had no regrets, and therefore no turmoil

Rama with a series of arrows, cut off  Ravana's heads
All of Ravana's heads, fell on the ground with thuds
To Rama's surprise, after the tenth head, a eleventh head popped up
Every time Rama cut a head, another head popped up

Rama kept cutting off heads, one after the other
Ravana's heads kept popping, one after the other
Now the charioteer of Rama, told Rama a news
A truth about Ravana, that Rama could use

'Ravana's life was in His navel', was the news
Lord Rama without delay pulled off Ravana's fuse
Lord Rama shot an arrow at Ravana's navel
Ravana fell to the ground dead, admiring his rival

Jai Shri Ram Jai Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Ram Jai Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Ram Jai Jai Shri Ram
Jai Shri Ram Jai Jai Shri Ram

Worshipping the Sun

 Lord Rama was preparing for the final war
On Ravana's pride, he had already created a scar
Ravana on the other hand was getting ready for war
He knew, with Rama, he cannot be at par

Sage Agasthiar at that time, came to meet Rama
Agasthiar from the sky was witnessing the war drama
Agasthiar told Rama to worship the Sun
Only then Ravana would be done

Treating Lord Rama, like his own son
Agasthiar gave few verses, praising the Sun
Agasthiar told Shri Rama to chant them thrice
Only then He could defeat Ravana's vice

"I bow at your feet, Oh wondrous Sun
In all the happenings thy will is done
You are the soul of all Devas and beings
You witness from their heart, all of their doings

During rise and setting, you burn red
When you're not up, people go to their bed
Chaaya as your wife, you have wed
You work silently without making a thud

The water of the sea, you make vapour
On seeing you, people lose their stupor
With the vapour of the sea, you make rains
When people worship you, their energy never drains

Seven colourful horses, pull your chariot
Arunan is your charioteer, who pulls their lariat
On the top of your chariot, horse flag does fly
For those who worship you, energy never goes dry

Your rays are your hands, and you have thousand hands
 To give light and warmth to all beings is your only stance
Some times you are red and sometimes you are yellow
Among all those who shine, you are the brightest fellow

Your light falls on leaves and they produce food
You are the source, of all that is good
On a daily basis, you are worshipped thrice
By sages and devotees who are very wise

You destroy all of darkness and humans' ignorance
When a person worships you, you destroy his insolence
Many colours come from you, that the rainbow does show
Golden is one of the colours, with which you do glow

The crime rate comes down, when you burn bright
There is none who can win you, if you get into a fight
You are the source of energy of all that is on earth
Worshipping you, for energy, there can be no dearth

Among the Trimuthy's you are Vishnu's form
Devotees unto you, must come with a surrender's norm
Because of your brightness, beings are able to see
The mercy of your heart, is larger than the sea

Bright red in colour, you rise from the east
The colours while you rise, to the eyes are a feast
Bright red in colour, you set from the west
Worshipping you daily, is always the best

Oh Lord Surya, I praise your Feet
To me and my people always be sweet
Oh Lord Adhithya, I praise your Feet
May my ignorance, very soon deplete

Oh Lord Adhithya, I praise your Feet
Oh Lord Bhaskara, I praise your Feet
Oh Lord Aadhava, I praise your Feet
Oh Lord Surya, I praise your Feet"

Saying these verses, Rama worshipped the Sun
The Sun God blessed Him, saying Ravana will be done
Thus Sage Agasthiar, again helped Ram
Jai Shri Ram! Jai Jai Shri Ram!!

Lakshman's fall and rise

Ravana was devastated beyond a limit
From this war business he wanted to dimit
But it was too late, to change the course
Fate had already, taken it's course

Ravana decided to send his reserve army force
Hoping they would change the war's fatal course
The reserve army force was a few crores in number
In all of Ravana's previous wars they were a member

In the past they had never seen defeat
They would fight both ways, both fair and deceit
Vibhishan informed Rama that victory was near
Because, for Ravana, the reserve army was dear

Rama asked all of His army to back up
That He would single handedly pack up
The reserve army force as one man
Lord Rama always knew what He can

The reserve force of Ravan came to war
But with Lord Rama, they could not be on par
Lord Rama started to shoot His arrows afar
On the reserve army's pride, He created a scar

In a duration of two hours, the reserve force was vanquished
Ravana and the wives of reserve force men were anguished
Sounds of cry, from the Lanka's houses, were heard
Whole of Lanka was now like a, hunted down, bird

Ravana was now both furious and miserable
He couldn't believe his reserve force was fissionable
He himself went to war, with unlimited rage
Fate against him, kept turning the page

More than Ram and Lakshman, Vibhishan he hated
Towards Vibhishana with fury, Ravana gaited
He took a spear named Shakthi and at Vibhishan He threw
For the Shakthi missing its mark chances were few

Between Visbhishan and Shakthi, Lakshman came there
And the Shakthi, on his chest, Lakshman did bear
On the ground, like a hero, Lakshmana fell
The sorrow of Rama, a poet cannot tell

Ravana tried to lift Lakshman's body, but he could not
Hanuman easily lifted Lakshman and to Rama he brought
Sugriva and Vibhishan tried to console Ram
With positive words, they made Him feel warm

Sushena the monkey army's physician wanted some herbs
To remove from Lakshman's body, the Shakthi that curbs
Lord Hanuman jumped into action, and flew up north
Towards the Himalayan ranges, he went forth

Unable to identify the herbs on the hill
He lifted the Hill, with his mighty will
He brought the hill to Lanka, like it was a child
On the way back to Lanka, his smile was mild

Sushena took the herbs he wanted and Lakshmana was up
Ravana was continously drinking from his 'bad-news-cup'
Thus Hanuman once again, saved the situation for Ram
Jai Shri Ram! Jai Jai Shri Ram!!

Friday, May 15, 2020

Indrajeeth's Deciet and defeat

Ravana sent Kumban to fight in the field
A mace as his weapon, he did wield
He charged at the monkey army, killing many
Sugriva killed him with a rock, without delaying, any

Nikumban came to war following Kumban
He used weapons, like words used by Kamban
Hanuman jumped in fury and, Nikumban, he killed
He always achieved easily, what ever he willed

Hearing all the bad news, Ravan was vexed
He sent Makarakshan, to go to war next
Makarakshan with confidence, his muscles he flexed
Lord Rama, with his arrows, erased him like a text
Indrajeeth then came to the battle field
A sword on his hands, he did wield
On the other hand Mother Sita, He did hold
And cut off her neck with an expression cold

Ram, Lakshman and Hanuman were devastated on seeing that
Vibhishana did not let them to drown in sorrow, but
He gave uplifting explanations, only he could
Decoding tricks by Rakshashas, only he would

"Rama, Lakshman and Hanuman, please don't worry
Tricks done by Indrajeeth are one and many
He did not kill Mother Sita, but a look alike
Killing Mother Sita, Ravana will not like"

Anyway I can go to Lanka and check on Mother
Till I retrurn with good news, please don't bother"
Saying so Vibhisheena went to Lanka and confirmed
That Mother Sita was well, and to Rama, He affirmed

Rama's dwindling enthusiasm was then on rise
Vibhishana for helping Him, He did praise
With Mother Sita, the rakshashas played a similar trick
Created an illusion that Rama was dead, and made her sick

Trijada, Vibhishana's daughter, explained things to her
Trijada to Mother Sita, in cold times, was like a fur
Trijada had seen in Her dream, Mother Sita's future
That Rama would come, and relieve her from this torture

"Rama and Lakshman came on an elephant, dressed in white
Sita was sitting on a hill, also dressed in white
Rama lifted Her and placed her on the tusker's neck
This dream will soon come to reality, I do spec

Sita touched the moon with her beautiful hands
From her neck did hang, pearl and gold strand
Ravana was dressed in red, and was pulled by donkeys south
Oil, from his cupped hands, Ravana drank with his mouth

Rakshashas believe in lying and deceit
Do not think Rama would face defeat
Shri Rama will come for you
Wait for days, numbers few"

Trijada and Sarama were two Rakshashis, good
Comforting Mother Sita, they always did
The other Rakshashis kept torturing Mother
Trying to keep Her in fear and in bother

After creating an impression like Mother Sita was killed
To do a yagna in Nikumbala, Indrajeeth willed
Vibhishana informed Lord Rama about Indrajeeth's plan
 If Indrajeeth completes the ritual, to win him, nobody can

Lord Rama send forth Lakshmana to stop the ritual
Such rituals by rakshashas was, by them, habitual
Indrajeeth must not complete his ritual this time
This ritual for Indrajeeth was very prime

While Indrajeeth was pouring Ghee to fire as fuel
Lakshman with Vibhishana went there and called him for duel
Indrajeeth regretted for not being able to complete the ritual
But getting into a fight for him was habitual

Indrajeeth and Lakshman entered a fight
Both trying to excel, each other in might
Lakshman had an upper hand through out the fight
He fought with the confidence that he was always right

At one point Lakshman took up an arrow
Rama's strength, with a prayer, he did borrow
"If my brother Rama has never uttered a lie
Indrajeeth, by this arrow, must be hit and die

Saying so Lakshman shot that arrow
Indrajeeth fell to it like a sparrow
Vibhishan and Hanuman, jumped in joy
And carried Lakshman on their shoulders like a boy

Lord Rama was happy, happy beyond measure
Hugged Lakshman to his chest, like he was a treasure
Thus victorious Lakshman was hugged by Ram
Jai Shri Ram! Jai Jai Shri Ram!!

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hanuman's Feat

Ravana was totally devastated
Beyond a limit, frustrated
Tears rolled down his cheek
He couldn't accept he was weak

He then sent Adhikaayan to fight
Adhikaayan fell dead before Lakshmana's might
Devaanthagan, Naranthagan and Thrisiras went for war
With Angathan, Jambavan and Sugriva they were not at par

The monkeys enthuse were constantly on rise
While the rakshashas mourned their leaders' demise
Ravana felt miserable moment after moment
He truly regretted the turn of the event

Mother Sita to Lord Rama, it was late for him to give
After Kumbhakarna's death, how could he ever live
Brothers, sons and friends one after the other
To the rope of death, he did continuously tether

Indrajeeth came before his father
And asked for permission to fight further
Ravana send him to fight, with his left over hope
Somehow in this fight with Rama, he wanted to cope

Indrajeeth kept himself invisible
Because of which, he was invincible
He shot arrows charged with Brahma's power
In the war among all Rakshashas he did tower

Rama and Lakshman were caught by the arrows
Respecting Brahma, they fell like sparrows
All the monkey leaders fell for the arrows
Except for Hanuman, who knew no sorrows

Vibhishana somehow had escaped the arrow
About his friends' state, he was in sorrow
He and Hanuman looked for Jambavan, the bear
On looking at Hanuman, Jambavan wiped his tear

Jambavan instructed Hanuman, that he must fly up north
Some herbs from the Oshadhi mountain, he must bring forth
Jambavan's feet with respect, Hanuman did touch
And decided to do, what Jambavan said as such

Contemplating on what should be done, Hanuman grew in size
And he decided to go, where the oshadhi mountain lies
Quickly he went atop, Thrikooda mountain's top
There was nothing in the world, that could make him stop

From the top of Thrikooda mountain, Hanuman took a leap
In a short while He reached, The Himalayan ranges that are steep
From there he easily identified the Oshadhi mountains
His enthusiasm soared like they were fountains

He searched for some time the prescribed herb
Time was going fast, and it made him perturb
Not wasting much time, Hanuman lifted the hill
As though it was a piece of cake for His skill

With the hill on His shoulders, Hanuman flew down south
Making every one witnessing, in surprise open their mouth
Sushena appreciated Hanuman, and identified the herb
With the herbs Sushena, treated the wounds that curb

Thus Rama, Lakshman and all monkey leaders got back well
All credits went for Hanuman, needless to tell
Thus Hanuman did wonders for the sake of Ram!
Jai Shri Ram! Jai Jai Shri Ram!!


Ravana could not come out of the insult
As to what to do next, with his ministers he did consult
Ministers suggested that Kumbhakarnan must be awaken
With Kumbhakarna's might, the monkey army can be taken

Kumbhakarnan had gone to sleep only a few weeks ago
Kumbhakarnan's deep sleep for months would go
If he is woken half way without sufficient rest
Kumbhakarna in the war cannot be at his best

Desperate to win over Rama, Ravana ignored the truth
As for awaking Kumbhakarnan, Ravana acted without ruth
First they tried to call him
Chances of him awakening were slim

They made loud noises with trumpets, drums and conches
Awakening Kumbhakarnan was like a war that Ravana launches
Seeing he was not disturbed by the sound
They made elephants and horses come around

They made horses, elephants and men march on him
But still the chances of him awakening was very slim
Deep in sleep Kumbhakarna turned to his side
Crushed under him many soldiers died

The elephants and horses looked like ants on a rock
The soldiers trying many ways also tried to talk
"Oh! Wonderful Kumbhakarna please wake up
And drink the toddy, we have brought in a cup"

We've brought for you, various types of meat
Please do wake up and you can heartily eat
Rama and his army, you must beat
Ravana awaits for you, sitting in his seat"

Kumbhakarna with maces they did beat
Kumbhakarna like an enemy they did treat
Kumbhakarna with spears they did poke
In Kumbhakarna's ears, loudly they spoke

At last somehow Kumbhakarna awoke
Angry and irritated, Kumbhakarna spoke
"Why did you awake me, before it is time
Why did you disturb, the peaceful sleep of mine"

Saying so the meat chunks Kumbhakarna munched
That Ravana must be in trouble, Kumbhakarna hunched
Pots and pots of toddy Kumbhakarna drank
His servants for bringing food, he did thank

He then got up and went to Ravana's court
By height and weight, he stood like a fort
Ravan explained to him the turns of events
Hiding from Kumbhakarna the shameful moments

"You must've first defeated Rama and then brought His spouse
You've done things the wrong way and brought trouble to our house
Do not worry, I will try to amend the mistake you have done
You will soon hear news, that in the war I have won"

Saying so Kumbhakarna, started for the field
Victory over Rama, he did want to yield
As Kumbhakarna came to the field, the monkeys ran in fear
They screamed for the lives, when Kumbhakarna came near

Some monkeys on his way, bravely did stand
They were caught easily, by Kumbhakarna's hand
The monkeys Kumbhakarna caught, Kumbharna ate
He did not realise, that he was driven by fate

Sugriva against Kumbhakarna put up a valourous fight
Sugriva against Kumbhakarna, used up all his might
With one slap from Kumbhakarna, Sugriva did faint
A fearful image of Himself, Kumbhakarna did paint

Kumbhakarna lifted Sugriva and tried to return home
Kumbhakarna's satisfaction was a puffed up foam
Seeing Kumbhakarna return, Lankites showered on him scent
Relief from the giddiness, for Sugriva the scent lent

He was being taken captive, Sugriva woke up and saw
Kumbhakarna's ears and nose, Sugriva bit them raw
Kumbhakarna let go of Sugriva and yelped in pain
For Sugriva returning to his army, there was no restrain

Rama was very happy, Sugriva came back
Shri Rama appreciated Surgiva's skill and tact
Kumbhakarna half way, returned to the field
Victory over him, Shri Rama decided to yield

Rama shot arrows and cut off Kumabhakarna's hands
Only with his legs, Kumbhakarna took his stance
Kumbhakarna with his legs, on the monkeys he did stamp
On the monkey army, Kumbhakarna heavily did tramp

Rama shot an arrow with the power of wind
The arrow did take Kumbhakarna's head behind
With his head cut off Kumbhakarna fell dead
The misery off the Rakshashas, very much unsaid

Thus Ravana kept sending one after the other
Rama kept killing one after the other
To any more death not happen Lord Rama did try
Not bothering about deaths, Ravana did vie

The monkeys enthuse was on the rise
Lord Rama and Sugriva they did praise
Lanka could not withstand the arrows of Ram
Jai Shri Ram! Jai Jai Shri Ram!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2020

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Hearing Ram and Lakshman had woke up, Ravana was disappointed
Dhoomraksha to fight them, wicked Ravana appointed
The monkey army with his weapons, Dhoomraksha did ravish
In using his arrows against the monkeys, he was very lavish

Hanuman was angry, seeing Dhoomraksha kill his monkey friends
Hanuman decided, he must take care that Dhoomraksha's life ends
Hanuman ran towards Dhoomraksha carrying a mighty hill
With one crush on Dhoomraksha, mighty Hanuman did kill

Ravana kept sending His army chiefs one after the other
The monkey leaders kept killing them, one after the other
Vajradhamshatran, fought bravely killing many monkeys but
By valourous Angada with a sword, his head was cut

Akampana came to fight and killed many monkeys then
Hanuman killed Him swiftly, giving shock to Akampana's men
Prahastha then came to fight killing many monkeys, but
Neelan crashed a tree on his head with a mighty thud

Seeing his chiefs one after the other in a row being killed
To enter the battle, he himself, mighty Ravana willed
Lord Rama encountered Ravana in a mighty war
Determined to make on Ravan's glory a permanent scar

Lord Rama shot arrow after arrow without a gap
By the might of Rama's arrows, Ravan had to gasp
With arrows in a row, Rama cut off  Ravana's flag
Rama attacked Ravan, like a tiger that attacks a stag

Rama then killed Ravana's swift horses
And attacked Ravan, without any pauses
Ravana soon became bereft of any weapons
Only on Rama's mercy, Ravana's life depends

Rama shot an arrow and made Ravan's crown fall
Without crown, weapons and chariot, Ravan stood tall
Now Rama no more attacked Ravan and let him go
Rama clearly from Ravan, did steal the show

"You, bereft of your weapons, I will not try to kill
Killing you hastily is never in my will
Go back home and take some time to think
I hope your steadfastness in your path would shrink"

Ravan folded his palms and saluted Shri Ram
Wondering how a warrior amidst war could be calm
Putting down his head, he went back to his palace
About Rama's valour, he could no more be callous

Fighting with mercy was the style of Ram
Fighting without anger was the way of Ram
Always being cool was the strength of Ram
Jai Shri Ram! Jai Jai Shri Ram!!