The Ultimate Liberator!

For the seekers of knowledge
Can there be a knowledge?
better than
The Knowledge of The Divine, Shri Rama!

The one who liberated
Even the blades of grasses
And all the swarms of ants

Leaving none behind
That ever existed
In the Good City of Ayodhya

And placed them in
An exotic heaven
Created exclusively for them
By the Great Grandshire Brahma!


Ramayanam is Agriculture
Bhagavatham is Harvest

The twin-syllable, Rama
When a devotee exalts!
The Birth-Death cycle
It permanently halts

Goodness and Wealth
It everyday brings
Sin and poverty
It cleanses and shrinks


Goodness Honesty Sweetness Simplicity
Gentleness Strength Humility Bravery
Valour Talent Prowess Success
Memory Trustworthiness Heroism Genuinity
Such adorable qualities and so much more
By chanting Rama's name you will score!


My Lord's Story: Goodness Incarnate

Ramayanam in English poetry.

The Supreme Lord of the Universe was once born on this earth as a Human Being, faced challenges and had His share of pain and pleasure going through both good and bad times like any of us. Like any of us He too, took His turn in laughter and cry.

This humility of The Lord, that makes Him come down to earth and share with us our difficulties to show us a way to handle them is what I admire in Him. This quality of Him, makes me surrender to Him unconditionally and makes me want to sing His Glory on and on and on.

My Lord's Story is an out pour of my devotion that seeps out in gratitude for the pains He took to be a lighthouse for us, to cross the ocean of Samsara.

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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Micro Stories

I started to tweet after getting inspired by a post by Chriz, on his Chronicwriter blog. To read that post, click here. Thanks to him for inspiring me.

I have fallen in love with I like the possibility of being able to micro-blog my thoughts, moment to moment. I like the challenge of delivering messages within 140 characters including spaces and punctuation marks. Above all, I like the possibility of delivering punch dialogues without getting punched on the nose.

Below are my attempts in story-telling on my twitter page. Have a read and tell me which micro story you like most.

1.He liked her. She pretended to like him. She also pretended to like someone else. Therefore, there was bloodshed.

2.The two brothers roared like lions tearing their enemies into pieces. Their mother cried, "My God! Those brand new pillows!"

3.His love for her was pure. He thought he cannot live without her. He made an earnest proposal. She showed off. He walked off.

4.A couple of love birds lived happily on a tree. A Hunter came by and aimed at them. The gun in his hand became a camera!

5.Two friends fought over a huge profit they made.They sued each other exhausting all the money until they again became friends.

6. "What's the use of me? I am not beautiful like you."- A Black fish. "If not for you, who would've told me that." - A Gold fish

7.A king listened to the story of Lord Buddha intently. He then told his Queen, "Never let our son sit under the Bodhi tree!"

8. He was a good boy. He slipped from the path of virtue. When he realised, regretted and returned he was a revered wise man.

9.He had a cigar. She had a match. They became friends. Eventually, fell in love and got married. She told him to quit smoking.

10.A guy liked to be my twitter friend. He followed me with my consent. He then threatened to unfollow if I don't follow him. LOL


Harry Haller said...

Funny stories, I like all of them.

Good work!

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Thank you brother.

venus66 said...

Well done!

shri ramesh sadasivam said...


burialdark said...

Thank you!! Very cool =)

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Welcome :)

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine to,and be a follower..thanks and God bless..

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shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Thanks for your comments friends

Anonymous said...

i like the micro story number 2.

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

Thanks... :)

Anonymous said...

i like #6. it is the yin and yang. It is the duality of life. Its kinda cute. going to stay here a bit and learn a little more from you.

shri ramesh sadasivam said...

:) Welcome to my blog Doreen, Thanks.

Enjoy your stay!