The Ultimate Liberator!

For the seekers of knowledge
Can there be a knowledge?
better than
The Knowledge of The Divine, Shri Rama!

The one who liberated
Even the blades of grasses
And all the swarms of ants

Leaving none behind
That ever existed
In the Good City of Ayodhya

And placed them in
An exotic heaven
Created exclusively for them
By the Great Grandshire Brahma!


Ramayanam is Agriculture
Bhagavatham is Harvest

The twin-syllable, Rama
When a devotee exalts!
The Birth-Death cycle
It permanently halts

Goodness and Wealth
It everyday brings
Sin and poverty
It cleanses and shrinks


Goodness Honesty Sweetness Simplicity
Gentleness Strength Humility Bravery
Valour Talent Prowess Success
Memory Trustworthiness Heroism Genuinity
Such adorable qualities and so much more
By chanting Rama's name you will score!


My Lord's Story: Goodness Incarnate

Ramayanam in English poetry.

The Supreme Lord of the Universe was once born on this earth as a Human Being, faced challenges and had His share of pain and pleasure going through both good and bad times like any of us. Like any of us He too, took His turn in laughter and cry.

This humility of The Lord, that makes Him come down to earth and share with us our difficulties to show us a way to handle them is what I admire in Him. This quality of Him, makes me surrender to Him unconditionally and makes me want to sing His Glory on and on and on.

My Lord's Story is an out pour of my devotion that seeps out in gratitude for the pains He took to be a lighthouse for us, to cross the ocean of Samsara.

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rantings of a devotional heart!

‘Shri Rama Jeyam! Shri Rama Jeyam!’ I ceaselessly chant
The joy that oozes makes me rant
My Lord is there in my heart for sure
There is not anything that, He cannot cure

Like a king in his palace, in my heart, He stands
Even the pettiest of wishes, in an order, He grants
My eyes waver towards women, He never asks why
Yet, His loving presence in my heart makes me shy

Why should I sacrifice this joy for that pleasure?
For, this joy in my heart is a rare found treasure
For the pleasure they give, women give many commands
For the joy that seeps, My Lord makes no demands

My Lord’s eyes that are large flashes in my mind
My heart with my Lord, the vision helps to bind!
I always want to see Him in my mental screen
His mother like face that glows with a divine sheen

For His love and greatness, I would offer my head
Yet, the gratitude of my heart would remain unsaid
Is it not His love that releases me of all clutches?
From the desires and addictions that endlessly stretches!

Is it not His character that inspires me to be good?
If not for His actions, for my thoughts, where will be food?
If not for Him, in my life, I will have no grip
My life towards death would be a meaningless trip

If not for His name, what would I chant?
Than being Himself, is there anything He must grant?
Than being His devotee, is there anything I need?
To be His eternal servant is my only greed!

My highest achievement was made on the day
When my head before His Feet selflessly lay
Fortunate am I, for being chosen to write His story
As a boon, for always wanting to sing His glory!

In spreading His fame, my life must go
Towards Him, like a river, it must flow
Cleansing all on the way, it could touch
Making at least a few realise, His greatness as such!

Like a flame in my heart, His image glows
The way, through darkness, it lights up and shows
I feel like the temple in which the Lord would reside
In spite of the pride, ignorance and lust that lies beside

With the crown that adorns His upright head,
And the garland that lies on His chest as bed,
With the bow that is held in His mighty arm,
In my heart does glitter, His beautiful form

Where ever I go, I can see Him!
In my detached heart, peace does brim
Where ever I go, I am never alone
For, ever in my heart, His image is shown!

I ever want to be with this feel!
My attention from Him, nothing can steal!
Remembering Him, my mind is rooted here and now
The state great Yogis want to reach somehow!

I may play! I may eat! I may sleep!
But my thought on my Lord is rooted deep!
Both my pain and pleasure, with Him, I can share!
I know for me, He is there forever to care!

Silence is His answer for anything I say
To make a ranting mind rest, is there any other way?
The day I learn to be silent like Him,
In my chaotic mind, wisdom would brim

Till then in my mind, I would chant, chant and chant!
His glories and greatness, I would rant, rant and rant!
With the noises in my mind, I would make music for Him
With the scattered thoughts, I would make a garland for Him!

Doing one thing or the other to spread His fame,
Till I go back to the place from where I came,
I would spend this life-time serving my Lord,
The epitome of character and the most Supreme God

Chanting Shri Rama Jeyam, not a minute goes waste
My heart smiles like a kid, who relishes a chocolate’s taste!
Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram! Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!
Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram! Shri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram!!

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